what happens when a passenger gets arrested on a cruise ship

what happens when a passenger gets arrested on a cruise ship

Ever wondered what goes down when a passenger gets arrested on a cruise ship? It's not exactly the sunny holiday activity you'd expect, but these floating resorts have more to them than meets the eye.

Cruise ships are like mini towns on water, with water parks, restaurants galore, theaters, and pretty much everything you need for a small community. But hidden among the fun is a darker side, like onboard morgues and even tiny "jails."

what happens when a passenger gets arrested on a cruise ship

TikTok user 'ethanjamesx,' a dancer on a cruise ship, spilled the beans on what happens when a passenger gets into trouble. Yep, there's a place called the Brig, which is basically the ship's version of a jail cell.

According to Ethan, there have been times when passengers have found themselves in the Brig. "Usually the main reason was when a fight broke out," he explained, recounting one big brawl that involved multiple people.

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Of course, they can't just toss everyone into the same room. So, Ethan revealed that they sometimes put the offenders in their cabins with security posted outside, especially on longer cruises.

It all depends on the "severity" of the situation. For minor offenses like fights, you might be confined onboard. But if things get more serious, you're likely to be kicked off at the next port and handed over to local authorities.

Blogger Emma Cruises sheds more light on the Brig, tucked away in the crew-only areas. These cells are meant for guests suspected of breaking the law or acting dangerously. It's basically a last resort, as cruise lines try to avoid using them whenever possible.

The Brigs themselves are pretty basic, just a simple room with a bed and not much else. One commenter joked, "What ever happened to walking the plank?" Another chimed in, "Imagine being grounded on a cruise."

So, next time you're enjoying the buffets and water slides, just remember, there's a Brig onboard too, ready for anyone who takes the fun a bit too far.

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