The Dangers of Illegally Streaming Fury vs Usyk: Expert Warnings You Should Heed

The Dangers of Illegally Streaming Fury vs Usyk: Expert Warnings You Should Heed

The highly anticipated heavyweight boxing match between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is set to be one of the biggest sporting events in decades. With the bout scheduled for May 18 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the showdown. However, there’s a significant warning for those considering watching the fight through illegal streaming methods such as IPTV or jailbroken devices.

The Rise of Illegal Streaming

Live sports events, like the Fury vs Usyk fight, are some of the most pirated content globally. IPTV (Internet Protocol television) and various streaming websites often provide access to premium content either for free or at significantly reduced prices. This illegal access undermines the revenues of content creators and broadcasters, prompting them to intensify efforts to combat piracy. For instance, one illegal streaming operation was recently fined over £500,000.

The Dangers of Illegally Streaming Fury vs Usyk: Expert Warnings You Should Heed

Professional Hacker’s Warning

Jenny Radcliffe, a top professional hacker from the UK, cautions against the use of illegal streaming services. Jenny specializes in identifying and fixing security vulnerabilities for businesses and has shared insights into the risks associated with illegal streaming. She emphasizes that beyond violating copyright laws, users of illegal streams expose themselves to significant personal risks.

Risks of Illegal Streaming

1. Legal Consequences: Watching or distributing pirated content is a criminal offense. If caught, individuals may face substantial fines or even jail time.

2. Security Threats: Illegal streaming sites are often riddled with malicious links, malware, and backdoors. These can compromise your personal and financial information. Hackers use these platforms to steal credit card details, bank account information, and personal data such as emails and browsing history.

3. Financial Loss: Engaging with these illicit services can result in multiple unauthorized charges to your credit cards or bank accounts. The loss incurred from such activities can be significant, with little chance of recovering the stolen funds due to the illegal nature of the transaction.

The Dangers of Illegally Streaming Fury vs Usyk: Expert Warnings You Should Heed

Awareness Campaigns

To highlight these dangers, Jenny Radcliffe collaborated with BeStreamWise, an initiative aimed at raising awareness about the risks of illegal streaming. Supported by organizations like FACT, the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), Crimestoppers, and major broadcasters including Sky and ITV, the initiative created a fake streaming service called ‘MalStreams’. 

In a public demonstration, people were invited to sign up for MalStreams outside Paddington Station in London, lured by the promise of free unlimited TV, films, and sports content. Upon signing up through a suspicious link, participants were asked for personal information such as their name, address, and financial details. This exercise revealed how easily individuals could be tricked into providing sensitive information, underscoring the real-world risks of engaging with illegal streaming services.

The Dangers of Illegally Streaming Fury vs Usyk: Expert Warnings You Should Heed

Jenny Radcliffe’s Advice

Jenny Radcliffe insists that illegal streaming is far from a victimless crime. She explains that these platforms not only facilitate the theft of personal and financial information but also expose users to further cyber threats. The lack of legal recourse for victims exacerbates the problem, leaving them vulnerable to ongoing fraud and identity theft.

A Safer Alternative

For those interested in watching the Fury vs Usyk fight, Jenny suggests finding legal and safe ways to view the event. Many local pubs and sports bars will be screening the fight, offering a safer and more social environment to enjoy the match. Supporting local businesses by watching the fight at a nearby pub not only avoids the risks associated with illegal streaming but also contributes to the local economy.


While the excitement surrounding the Fury vs Usyk fight is understandable, it’s crucial to avoid the temptations of illegal streaming. The risks, including legal repercussions and severe security threats, far outweigh the benefits. By opting for legitimate viewing options, you can enjoy the fight safely and support the rightful creators and broadcasters.

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