Google to Pay Out $700 Million to Android Users: How Much Will You Get?

Google to Pay Out $700 Million to Android Users: How Much Will You Get?

In a landmark legal settlement, Google is set to distribute $700 million to Android phone users across the United States. This payout stems from a significant lawsuit filed back in 2020, accusing the tech giant of monopolizing the mobile app market and abusing its power over app payments.

The Lawsuit at a Glance

The lawsuit, initiated by dozens of U.S. states, claimed that Google was compelling game developers to use its payment system for apps sold through the Play Store. This system saw Google taking a hefty cut of 15% to 30% on all transactions, much to the displeasure of businesses.

In September 2023, Google agreed to settle the case. Part of the settlement involved reducing its transaction fees to a range of 11% to 26%. Additionally, Google must now display alternative payment options in the Play Store, allowing users to purchase directly from developers and bypass Google's fees.

Google to Pay Out $700 Million to Android Users: How Much Will You Get?

The Financial Breakdown

Google's total payout includes $630 million earmarked for individual Android users and $70 million allocated to the states that pursued the case. However, with approximately 127 million eligible Android users, the individual payouts will be modest.

What Can You Expect to Receive?

According to the attorneys general of California, North Carolina, Arizona, Utah, and Tennessee, the average payout per user will be about $4.41. The maximum amount any user can expect to receive is $17. While these figures may seem small, they are an improvement over the initial estimated payout of just $2.

To qualify for this settlement, users must have purchased items from the Play Store between August 16, 2016, and September 30, 2023.

Google to Pay Out $700 Million to Android Users: How Much Will You Get?

Google's Response and Future Changes

In a statement from last December, Google emphasized its commitment to providing flexibility and choice within its platforms. The company highlighted the continuous evolution of Android and Google Play in response to feedback from developers, regulators, and competition from other app stores.

"Android and Google Play have continuously evolved to provide more flexibility and choice in response to feedback from developers and regulators, as well as intense competition from Apple and app stores across the open Android ecosystem," said Google. "We demonstrated this in the recent trial and were disappointed that the verdict did not recognize the choice and competition that our platforms enable."

Google's settlement is designed to enhance user choice and maintain robust security measures, while also allowing the company to continue competing with other operating systems and investing in the Android ecosystem.

Google to Pay Out $700 Million to Android Users: How Much Will You Get?


While the payouts may be relatively small, this settlement marks a significant moment in the ongoing battle over app store practices and user rights. For Android users, it represents a tangible, albeit modest, return from one of the world's largest tech companies. Keep an eye on your inbox for details on how to claim your share of the settlement.

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