Behind the Laughter: The Inbetweeners Star's Real-Life Stunt Confession!

The Inbetweeners Star Shares a Hilarious Behind-the-Scenes Story from an Iconic Episode

Prepare to be entertained by the dedication of The Inbetweeners cast, especially Joe Thomas, who went above and beyond for our amusement.

Surprisingly, Joe Thomas is already 40! Let's take a trip down memory lane to the golden era of 2008-2010 when The Inbetweeners graced our TV screens with its comedy brilliance.

The show had its fair share of cringe-worthy moments, like Simon's unfortunate encounters, from puking on a child to exposing himself at a fashion show. Poor Simon really had it rough!

Behind the Laughter: The Inbetweeners Star's Real-Life Stunt Confession!

One of the most memorable scenes is when Simon accidentally shows his testicle to pretty much everyone in the first episode of the third season.

In a recent episode of Rob Beckett's Smart TV, Thomas spilled the beans about that moment. Contrary to speculation, he confirmed that it was indeed his own testicle in the scene.

When asked if it was a prosthetic, Thomas replied, "No it wasn’t. They offered me a prosthetic testicle, but I decided to keep it real. That’s my genuine testicle you saw on screen."

Reflecting on the experience, he added, "I was so worn out by the end of the day that I didn’t even care if it was exposed or not. I was like, 'Whatever, it's out there.'"

This isn't the first time Thomas has talked about his daring stunts on The Inbetweeners set. In a previous interview with The Guardian, he mentioned feeling sorry for the kid he had to puke on in the first season, as the scene took hours and involved cold vegetable soup to the face.

Behind the Laughter: The Inbetweeners Star's Real-Life Stunt Confession!

As for the offer of a prosthetic testicle, Thomas quipped, "What's the point? I wasn't going to salvage any dignity with that!"

In personal news, Thomas has been in a long-term relationship with his Inbetweeners co-star Hannah Tointon, who played his character's girlfriend on the show. In 2022, the couple welcomed a daughter into their family, adding to their decade-long journey together.

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