Student's Job Search Saga: Nearly 500 Applications and One Surprising Result

Student's Job Search Saga: Nearly 500 Applications and One Surprising Result

When our parents sent us off to university, they painted a picture of a bright future with a good job waiting at the end of the academic road. Little did they mention the Herculean effort it takes to land that dream job, especially in today's competitive market.

Oliver Wu, a computer science major at the University of Michigan, has taken the phrase "leave no stone unturned" to heart in his quest for a tech position. His story, shared on TikTok, has left many both astounded and empathetic.

With a determination that can only be described as unwavering, Wu embarked on a job application spree even before his classes began in July. Armed with spreadsheets that would make any organizational guru proud, he meticulously tracked each application's progress, noting interview stages, Google search links, and referrals from focus groups.

Student's Job Search Saga: Nearly 500 Applications and One Surprising Result

"I'd open up a couple of job boards, scan for new listings, and if they fit my criteria—salary, location, role—I'd fire off applications," Wu shared in a recent interview with Newsweek.

His effort was nothing short of staggering: 456 applications, 56 interviews, 30 technical assessments, and 22 second and third-round evaluations. The outcome? Just one offer.

"The toughest part was staying positive," Wu admitted. "Despite the sea of rejections, I kept at it."

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The response to Wu's journey was a mix of admiration and solidarity from viewers. "This makes me feel like giving up," lamented one commenter. "I'm struggling too," echoed another.

But then came the moment of triumph. When Wu finally received an offer, it was as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. "I was in class," he recalled, "and I stepped out into the hallway, jumping up and down in silent celebration for a good ten minutes."

Reflecting on his experience, Wu shared a valuable insight that he wished he had embraced sooner: networking. "Make connections," he emphasized. "Network in college—it's all about who you know."

His advice struck a chord, resonating with those who had seen success through connections alone. And it seems luck favored him, as not long after his first offer from Ford, two more offers came knocking at his door.

In the end, Wu's story is a testament to perseverance and the belief that with enough determination, the right opportunity will come. As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." Oliver Wu tried 455 more times, and it paid off.

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