Pepsi Unveils Its Bold New Look Worldwide

Pepsi Unveils Its Bold New Look Worldwide: A Vibrant Twist on Classic Colors

Pepsi is making waves across the globe with its stunning new look, showcased through captivating digital installations that have taken over iconic landmarks worldwide.

After 14 years, Pepsi has decided to refresh its logo, and the transformation is nothing short of spectacular. The new logo, now unveiled in 120 countries, introduces a vibrant blend of electric blue and black, breathing new life into the brand's classic color scheme.

From London to Warsaw, and from Ho Chi Minh City to Australia, Pepsi's digital installations have left spectators in awe. Picture this: a colossal inflatable Pepsi can emerging from the waters of the River Thames beside London's O2 arena, illuminated by a dazzling drone light show dancing in the skies above. In Warsaw and Ho Chi Minh City, the skyline is dominated by giant Pepsi logos crafted from over 70 hot air balloons, while an interactive digital mural captures attention Down Under.

Pepsi Unveils Its Bold New Look Worldwide: A Vibrant Twist on Classic Colors

Not stopping there, Pepsi's visual makeover extends to major events worldwide. From Saudi Arabia to Egypt, and even to the Gaddafi Cricket Stadium in Pakistan, the new logo makes a bold statement wherever it lands, quite literally.

But what inspired this transformation? Eric Melis, PepsiCo's VP in Global Brand Marketing for Carbonated Soft Drinks, sheds light on the design process. He reveals that input from people worldwide played a crucial role, with many incorporating the brand name and globe into their designs—a remarkable convergence considering the logo's separation for the past 14 years.

"We wanted to embody Pepsi's essence of being 'Thirsty for More'," Melis explains. "It's about embracing new experiences and constantly pushing boundaries."

Pepsi Unveils Its Bold New Look Worldwide: A Vibrant Twist on Classic Colors

Indeed, the new logo encapsulates Pepsi's ethos of boldness and innovation. It blends nostalgia with a modern twist, resonating with fans old and new alike.

Looking ahead, Pepsi enthusiasts can anticipate more immersive experiences at major events throughout 2024, including the UEFA Champions League Final Kick Off Show at Wembley Stadium in June. And the excitement doesn't end there—Pepsi promises more surprises in store as the year unfolds.

So, keep your eyes peeled and your taste buds ready for the next chapter of Pepsi's journey, as the brand continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its unapologetic, iconic new look. Follow @pepsiglobal for updates and join us as we embark on this exhilarating adventure together.

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