Is Madame Web Related to Peter Parker's Spider-Man? Explained

Is Madame Web Related to Peter Parker's Spider-Man? Explained

In Sony's Spider-Man Universe, the Madame Web movie's conclusion is crucial as it introduces the three incarnations of Spider-Woman and sets the stage for the title Marvel superhero.

Sony seems to be hinting at a new live-action Spider-Man for their SSU, possibly aiming for his appearance in an upcoming modern-day film. Picture this: Peter Parker, played by Madame Web, becoming a superhero in a world already bustling with other Spider-People. It offers a fresh and unique spin on the Spider-Man mythology.

Before Peter even gets a spider bite, there's a hint of possible relationships with Anya, Julia, Mattie, and Cassie. Plus, he's related to these characters through his Uncle Ben. Whether this plot or version of the character will hit the big screen remains to be seen.

Is Madame Web Related to Peter Parker's Spider-Man? Explained

While Sony might have plans for a different take on Holland's Spider-Man, it's unlikely Marvel Studios will let Sony use Peter Parker in a live-action film while their own series is ongoing. As of now, Holland is the reigning Spider-Man in the MCU.

Eventually, Holland will step away from the role, and Sony may have a successor ready in the wings. But if Madame Web's Spider-Man setup doesn't resonate with audiences, her future hangs in the balance.

So, Is Madame Web Related to Peter Parker's Spider-Man?

Madame Web not only brings in Julia Cornwall, Anya Corazon, and Mattie Franklin, but she also lays the groundwork for Peter Parker's Spider-Man journey. Adam Scott's casting as Ben Parker is a nod early in the film, with Emma Roberts making her debut as Mary Parker, who's expecting a child. There's a playful scene at Mary's baby shower where guests try to guess the baby's name, involving Cassie.

Even though Peter's name isn't explicitly mentioned, the baby is revealed to be a boy when Cassie is seen recovering at the film's end. Considering Peter Parker is usually portrayed as the sole child of Mary and Richard Parker, it's safe to assume the film hints at his birth.

So, Is Madame Web Related to Peter Parker's Spider-Man?

What's intriguing about Madame Web is that it's set in 2003, placing it outside the timelines of the MCU, Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man reality, or Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man universe.

In 2003, Garfield's Peter would have been about six or seven years old, while Maguire's Peter was already donning the Spider-Man suit. Even Tom Holland's Spider-Man would have been just a toddler in 2003. Madame Web likely exists in a different reality from Venom and Morbius or in the same universe as Peter Parker's origin story.

While not explicitly used in the final cut, early Morbius hints at Spider-Man's existence in the cosmos. If Madame Web and Venom share the same reality and are set in 2003, Peter wouldn't be the 15-year-old we know in the first Spider-Man movie.

He could be newly discovering his powers or on the brink of doing so, possibly making an appearance in Venom 3 or another SSU film down the line. It's all part of the intricate web Sony is spinning for its Spider-Verse.

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