Expert warns against the 'biggest sin' you can commit when flying

Expert warns against the 'biggest sin' you can commit when flying

Flying can often be associated with excitement and anticipation, whether you're jetting off to a dreamy vacation spot or returning home after an adventure. But amidst all the joy, there's a crucial piece of advice from an expert that's worth heeding for the sake of your health.

Meet Gary Brecka, a Human Biologist renowned for his insights into well-being and health, showcased through his popular podcast, The Ultimate Human. With a philosophy centered on the pursuit of comfort in combating aging, Brecka's wisdom has gained widespread attention, including a viral clip from his podcast.

@mindfulmilestones4 Do you drink when you travel? That may not be such a good idea. Watch this video if you’re a mile high drinker 😳#garybrecka #joerogan #health #ufc ♬ original sound - MindfulMilestone

In this eye-opening segment, Brecka uncovers what he believes to be the cardinal sin of air travel: consuming alcohol onboard. Yes, you read that right—according to this health aficionado, going alcohol-free in the skies is the way to go.

Why the fuss over alcohol, you may wonder? Well, Brecka breaks it down for us. Alcohol not only disrupts digestion but also hampers circulation, thanks to its transformation into acetaldehyde, a highly acidic compound that can throw your body's pH balance off-kilter.

The result? Fatigue, headaches, and a noticeable drain on your energy levels—a far cry from the relaxed, rejuvenated state we aim for when traveling. Plus, let's not forget the less-than-ideal outcome of alcohol turning into sugar in our system, courtesy of our hard-working livers.

Sure, some may shrug off Brecka's advice, preferring to indulge in a tipple or two during their journey. After all, for many, a drink in hand signals the start of vacation mode—a sentiment echoed by several commenters on the viral clip.

Expert warns against the 'biggest sin' you can commit when flying

But hey, to each their own, right? Just remember, whether you're sipping champagne at 30,000 feet or opting for a refreshing mocktail, your body will thank you for making the sky-high experience a little more health-conscious. Cheers to safe and sound travels!

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