WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Recap

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Recap

As we gear up for the monumental WrestleMania 40, the WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Premium Live Event has come to a thrilling close. This event marks a crucial stop on the road to WrestleMania, with plenty of heart-stopping action along the way.

The anticipation for WrestleMania 40 matches is high, especially among Australian fans who have shown tremendous support for the WWE. Let's delve into the exciting details of Elimination Chamber 2024: Perth, including the full synopsis, highlights, outcomes, and the ultimate winners of this year's Chamber PLE.

Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

The Women's Elimination Chamber Match kicked off with a fierce showdown between Naomi (2) and Becky Lynch (1). Naomi retaliated with force after Lynch's shoulder tackle, leading to an intense ground battle. Both athletes went for quick covers and exchanged swift arm drags. The back-and-forth continued as they countered each other's moves with agility.

Naomi gained the upper hand with a spectacular step-up enzigiri, sending Lynch crashing into the turnbuckle. The battle spilled onto the steel chain link, with Naomi executing a jaw-dropping leg drop from the chain rope. 

Entering the fray next was Tiffany Stratton (3), showcasing her gymnastic prowess with a double dropkick that took down both Naomi and Becky. Tiffany's spine burster left Becky reeling, her face meeting the unforgiving mat. Naomi then delivered a splash to both opponents in opposing corners, asserting her dominance.

Tiffany continued her onslaught, targeting Becky as Naomi made her escape. A well-timed rolling slam from Tiffany to Becky shook the chamber. However, Becky managed to halt Tiffany's ascent to the top rope, sending her crashing backward.

The momentum shifted dramatically as Liv Morgan (4) burst into the match with undeniable energy. Liv wasted no time, delivering relentless attacks to Tiffany Stratton, including a Code Breaker and a knee to the face. Tiffany fought back with a double foot shoulder stomp to halt Liv's momentum momentarily.

Lynch seized the opportunity to viciously assault Tiffany on the steel ramp, drawing the attention of both Naomi and Tiffany. Liv capitalized on the chaos, using the middle rope to land a crushing blow on Tiffany, while Naomi executed a sunset powerbomb from the top of the glass pod, eliminating Tiffany from the match.

With the arrival of Raquel Rodriguez (5), the brutality intensified as she took on Tiffany and Lynch. Raquel swung Tiffany into the steel chain, leaving her reeling. A fierce battle ensued between Raquel and Liv Morgan, culminating in Raquel delivering a vertical suplex on the chain link.

Despite the combined efforts of three competitors, Raquel remained resilient, bodies scattered around the chamber. The arrival of Bianca Belair (6) injected new energy into the match. Belair wasted no time, tossing Tiffany into the glass pod, suplexing Liv, and delivering a vertical suplex to Becky.

Raquel continued to defy the odds, even as Belair cleaned house. Raquel and Belair engaged in a fierce battle, with Belair landing a Tornado DDT on the steel ramp as Raquel attempted a vertical suplex. Liv, perched atop the pod, was targeted by Tiffany, who pulled Belair away, allowing Raquel to deliver a Senton onto Liv.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024: Women’s Elimination Chamber Match Recap

In a dizzying altercation atop the pod, Tiffany sent Becky crashing down onto Raquel. Tiffany then executed a Swanton bomb, soaring from the top of the pod to hit everyone below. Amidst the chaos, Liv and Tiffany combined forces to land a devastating flatliner from the top rope, taking out Tiffany.

Raquel delivered a powerbomb to Belair, sending her crashing into the steel chain link and the ring. Liv found herself at the mercy of Raquel, who followed up with a senton from the top rope. Becky attempted to turn the tide, applying a Disarmer to Raquel with Liv's help, but it was Bianca Belair who ultimately eliminated Raquel with a KOD.

In a stunning turn of events, Liv Morgan took control of the match, delivering a backhand to Belair and executing a swing on the steel chamber. Liv prevented Belair from punishing Becky further with some well-placed step-up enzigiris. Belair found herself sent crashing into the glass pod by Liv's strategic moves.

Taking advantage of the situation, Becky delivered a series of devastating DDTs and a Reverse DDT on Belair and Liv. As the three competitors found themselves in a corner, Liv executed a sunset powerbomb on Belair. Although Becky landed a missile dropkick on Liv, it wasn’t enough to secure the pin.

Liv thwarted Lynch's attempt to climb the top rope, countering with a superplex. Belair's knees met Becky's 450 splash as the action intensified. Liv countered Belair's KOD and Manhandle Slam with a codebreaker, rolling Belair out of contention. In a climactic moment, Liv Morgan pinned Becky after delivering a Manhandle Slam, emerging victorious in the Women's Elimination Chamber match.

With this impressive win, Becky Lynch secures her spot to challenge the Women’s World Champion at WrestleMania XL. The stage is set for an epic showdown as Becky looks to claim championship gold at the grandest stage of them all.


The Women's Elimination Chamber match at WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 was a rollercoaster of emotions and jaw-dropping moments. From fierce rivalries to strategic alliances, each competitor brought their A-game, making it a night to remember. As we eagerly anticipate WrestleMania XL, the excitement and anticipation for the upcoming battles in the world of WWE continue to grow.

This event not only sets the stage for WrestleMania but also highlights the incredible talent and athleticism of the women of WWE. Stay tuned as the road to WrestleMania is paved with unforgettable moments and fierce competition.

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