Palworld Ingot Guide: Crafting Essentials for Your Pal Adventure

Welcome to the Palworld Ingot Guide! In Palworld, crafting plays a vital role in your adventure, and one essential item you'll often need is the Ingot. Let's dive into how to obtain and use these valuable resources.

Finding Ingots:

To get your hands on Ingots, you'll first need to gather the right materials and craft them using the Primitive Furnace. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Locating Ore Deposits:

Ore Deposits are scattered across various biomes, though not as common as Stone Deposits. To differentiate between the two, keep an eye out for the brownish-red hue of Ore Deposits, while Stone Deposits have a grayish color.

2. Equipping the Stone Pickaxe:

When you find an Ore Deposit, make sure you have a Stone Pickaxe equipped. This tool boosts your yield when mining, ensuring you gather more raw materials.

Crafting with the Primitive Furnace:

The Primitive Furnace is your go-to for crafting Ingots. Here's how to construct and use it:

Materials Needed:

- 20x Wood: Gathered from trees or lying on the ground.

- 50x Stone: Found on the ground or extracted from deposits.

- 3x Flame Organ: Dropped by fire-type Pals like the Foxspark.

Crafting Process:

1. Accessing the Primitive Furnace: Unlock the Primitive Furnace blueprint in the Technology tree (it's a level 10 tech blueprint).

2. Gathering Materials: Once you have the required materials listed above, construct the Primitive Furnace.

3. Using the Furnace: Assign a Pal with the Kindling work suitability, such as the Foxspark, to the Primitive Furnace.

4. Crafting Ingots: Select the Ingot recipe on the Primitive Furnace interface. Your Pal will then autonomously work on producing Ingots until the task is complete.

Importance of Ingots:

Ingots have various uses in crafting, such as:

1. Weapons and Tools: Items like the Metal Axe, Metal Pickaxe, and Crossbow require Ingots for crafting.  

2. Nails: Crafting Nails, which are used in constructing higher-tier objects and workbenches, also requires Ingots.

3. Saddles: Ingots are crucial for crafting saddles, allowing you to ride Pals as ground or flying mounts.


That wraps up our guide on obtaining and using Ingots in Palworld! Remember, Ingots are just one of the many resources you'll need to gather as you progress through the campaign. So grab your tools, head out to find those Ore Deposits, and craft to your heart's content!

For more tips on managing your Pals effectively, check out our Pal Management Guide.

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