Is Hidan Still Alive? Explained

Is Hidan Still Alive? Explained

Hidan, the infamous rogue of the Akatsuki, left an indelible mark with his brash demeanor, foul mouth, and unwavering devotion to the mysterious entity Jashin. Partnered with Kakuzu, their contrasting abilities made them a formidable duo. However, Hidan's seeming immortality and brutal curse rituals, especially his battles against Team Asuma, have left fans questioning: Is Hidan still alive?

Hidan's Notable Traits

Physically distinctive with silver hair and violet-pink eyes, Hidan's defining trait is his apparent inability to die. His disturbing immortality, a result of his fervent worship of Jashin, raises questions about the nature of his resurrection.

Is Hidan Still Alive? Explained

Jashinism and Immortality

Hidan's immortality, bestowed upon him by Jashin, adds complexity to the discussion. Ryuki, another Jashin disciple in Boruto's era, highlights the rarity of such blessings. Hidan's undying status suggests immense sacrifices, fueling Jashin's power to secure this ultimate reward.

Regenerative Prowess

Hidan's regenerative abilities surpass even Orochimaru's forbidden techniques. Blades pierce his flesh without consequence, and hellish flames only blacken his skin, which regrows. However, his immortality does have limits, with decapitation rendering him temporarily paralyzed.

Is Hidan Still Alive? Explained

Hidan's Defeat by Shikamaru

Shikamaru's strategic brilliance led to Hidan's defeat, with the immortal rogue buried alive in a remote forest. The question arises: Is Hidan truly dead, or could he resurrect to wreak havoc in the era of Boruto?

Possibility of Hidan Being Alive

Despite Shikamaru's brutal dismemberment and live burial, doubts linger about Hidan's demise. Fans speculate on the potential loopholes of his immortality. Could he be slowly tunneling to freedom, enduring starvation, or finding sustenance in the soil?

Is Hidan Still Alive? Explained

Kishimoto's Perspective

Creator Masashi Kishimoto's statements add a layer of intrigue. While Shikamaru assumed Hidan's end, Kishimoto has expressed a fondness for the character and a desire to explore his origins further. The openness to revisiting past rogues, as seen with early considerations for the Fourth Great Ninja War, hints at a possible return for Hidan.

Is Hidan Still Alive? Explained

Hidan's Power in Battle

Understanding Hidan's power is crucial. He relies on misdirection and range, wielding a retractable triple scythe. His true strength lies in the voodoo Curse Technique, where injuries inflicted on himself within a Jashin symbol are mirrored onto his opponent with lethal consequences.


In conclusion, the question of whether Hidan is still alive remains shrouded in mystery. Shikamaru's actions suggest a definitive end, yet Hidan's immortality and the potential for loopholes raise doubts. Kishimoto's interest in the character adds a layer of uncertainty, leaving room for Hidan's return and ensuring his legacy as a roguishly psychotic villain endures.

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